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Team Bober has created a program matching motivated buyers and sellers of real estate.  Our Buyer Pool is ready and waiting to purchase property at a fair price

Real Estate investors must identify their main objective when investing.  Owner occupied fixer uppers purchase a home that they will live in while making repairs and upgrades.  Their return is sweat equity and time.  Buy and hold buyers will sit on a piece of property for a period waiting for an equitable gain when they sell.  Cash flow buyers make up the majority of Team Bober's Instant Offer Buyer Pool.

Cash is king for Cash Flow Investors.  They see 4 main benefits in their investments:

  1. The tenants service any debt and expenses = Cash Flow
  2. Depreciation of improvements reduces taxable income
  3. Additional tax savings from business accounting
  4. Property appreciates in value over time

Joining the Team Bober Instant Offer Pool has several advantages.  They see properties before they go to market and have the opportunity to make an "Instant Offer" before other buyer.   They can also experience a quick closing and get a great price for offering cash with minimal contingencies.

Team Bober meets with potential investors to gage their wants and needs to determine their investment options.  We keep our investors up to date with properties that fit their criteria when they become available.  Team Bober helps all the way to closing and we even provide access to the best contractors in the area.

Joining the Team Bober Instant Offer Investor Pool puts you on the front lines of real estate investing.  Call Chris Bober (402) 312-5076 or email him at Chris to day to learn more and how you can start creating wealth thru real estate investing.